List of BC Outlets

S.No State Base Branch Location Type of Outlet
1 Karnataka Chincholi Sulepeth HUB
2 Karnataka Chowdapur Afzalpur HUB
3 Karnataka Gulbarga Jewargi HUB
4 Karnataka Gulbarga Sedam HUB
5 Karnataka Lingasugur Mudgal HUB
6 Karnataka Manvi Sirwar HUB
7 Karnataka Raichur Deosugur HUB
8 Karnataka Raichur Yeragera HUB
9 Karnataka Yadgir Gurmithkal HUB
10 Karnataka Yadgir Saidapur HUB
11 Karnataka Yadgir Shahapur HUB
12 Karnataka Yadgir Surpur HUB
13 Karnataka Yadgir Wadi HUB
14 Telangana Atmakur Kothakota HUB
15 Telangana Kodangal Tandur HUB
16 Telangana Kothur Shad Nagar HUB
17 Telangana Narayanpet Makthal HUB
18 Telangana Vikarabad Parigi HUB
19 Telangana Wanaparthy Pebbair HUB
20 Telangana Kodangal Kosgi HUB